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Student Leadership

The National Association of Student leadership establishes guidelines in order to hold office that are based upon a student’s outstanding performance in the areas of leadership, scholarship, service and moral character. These criteria establish the student's eligibility to run for office. In order to remain in office if elected, these criteria form the foundation upon which all elected officers must maintain while performing their required duties.

The ASB serves as the basis for student activities and projects, such as, but not limited to, dances, clubs, assemblies, Homecoming, Tradition Week, Christmas Week, and other community-­based initiatives. The ASB Constitution outlines all eligibility requirements for office. Elections are held each spring for the following school year.

For specific information about criteria and the selection process, please refer to the BBHS ASB Constitution. Information is sent out each spring to the rising senior class.

Moderator: Ms. Laura Meaux

The 2023-24 ASB

ASB officers at homecoming assembly

Sam, Patrick, JJ, Maggie, Hank, and Ms. Meaux

Student Leadership

ASB Executive Officers:

Maggie Bratrud
Hank Flandreau
Patrick Horner
JJ Kane
Sam Merriman

Senior Class Cabinet:

Stephanie Del Mundo
Pauline Jaculewicz
Rachel McAllister
Mealat Mulu
Dash Schwaegler
Lucia Zinsmeyer

Junior Class Cabinet:

Kiera Blair
Francis Elieff
Natalie Moore
Ella Samonte
Matt Swegle

Sophomore Class Cabinet:

EvaMaria Chavez
Nitai Fluchel
Ross Macdonald
Fiona McGovern

Freshmen Cabinet:

William Knox
Evelyn Armes
Rowan Aguila
Santino Marona
Molly Bratrud